Passionate about long-term electronic medical information storage, privacy, and security for lasting digital health interventions.


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I am Kevin.

Health Informatics

I design, create, and implement IT-based innovations in healthcare services delivery, management, and planning.

Kevin Oyowe

Full Stack Software Developement

I also design and develop a wide variety of both client and server side software for web applications , relational database management systems, and mobile apps.

Kevin Oyowe

Data Mining & Analysis

I'm an expert in data mining, analysis, and reporting using advanced SQL, Excel, Tableau, and SPSS.

Kevin Oyowe

Artificial Intelligence

I do consultations for Medical Diagnosis Equipment, Embedded Electronic Systems, Industrial Process Automation, Microcontroller Programming, Augmented Reality, and Robotics.

Kevin Oyowe

My Service


I deal honestly with people and situations. I work closely with all my partners. I strive to foster friendly and long-term relationships.

Problem solving

I analyse the complexity and requirements very quickly and effectively. I then recommend and engineer the most viable solutions.

Solution development

I develop robust, high-quality software with craftsmanship, precision and attention to detail.

Cutting-edge technology

I build my products using the latest platforms, tools, and techniques to bring performance to the next level.


I think ahead and around corners to identify challenges, opportunities and provide the best support. I've got your back.



I am a health informatician and computer software developer. I design and develop computer programs for PC's, the web, and mobile devices. I also save lives by developing tech solutions for healthcare that aid in medical research through data collection, analysis and reporting. I strive to provide the public with accurate health information and statistics about outbreaks and pandemics through online dashboards that harness data from established medical and research institutions like WHO, JHU, KEMRI, etc.


The best feedback I often receive from people I've worked with is their sense of satisfaction with my work, which encourages me to do everything I can to improve myself and better my services.
Yvonne Kamau

Yvonne Kamau, MD

You're a gifted genius in my opinion and I know that you will change the world. Thank you for being a part of our KU family. Cheers to your future!

Natabhona Mabachi

Natabhona Mabachi, PhD

Dear Kevin, Thank you so much for the amazing work you have done. I look forward to us taking the CATSystem to amazing heights!!

Sarah Kessler

Sarah F. Kessler, PhD, MPH

Kevin - So blessed to have you on our team. We so enjoyed having you in the office. I look forward to more problem solving and new innovations. Wishing you all the best and much success in everything you do.

Dayna Bowen Mathew

Dayna Bowen Mathew

To Kevin, It is my honour to meet you and learn about your work to bring equity to healthcare in Kenya.

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Kevin Oyowe

Health Informatics

Software Development

Data Analysis


Great Patner

Problem Solver

Solutions Developer


Forward Thinker

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